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07.04.2017 в 23:04

О, что еще на голдене появилось - вью Скотта с Трейси. Додает Юзувьера :-D
-she enjoyed being rinkside
- really good interview about tracy, she shared her love of skating and how she tried to remind her skaters to love skating
-Scott asked about the dynamic of the rink (esp between Yuzu and Javi) Tracy answered : opposites attract they pushed each other, without having it taking over, they respect each other (nothing new ofc lol) Yuzu is passionate and fiery and watching Javi really helps him, they benefit from each other. they realized where the sport is going.
- Scott thought they hangout together lmao and Tracy was like lol nope they are kind of very different but they still get along. Tracy shared a heartfelt moment between Yuzu and Javi. She said there are moments of tenderness and kindness. Javi and Yuzu will know when the others are having "that kind of a day", for example it could be that moment when Yuzu would walk over to Javi and sort of bow or pat him on the back or trying to make him laugh or when they were trying to pick each other up when they fell.
- Scott commend how difficult it is to have top 2 skaters training together and that he knew it is not going to workout in a different rink. Calling it phenomenal.

So far nothing relly new, but interesting to listen about Tracy experience as a coach and broadcaster.

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